on the road again...

05.04.08 Germany, Essen, Funbox AmalieSonntag 06.04.2008 05:14 PM

Once again sold out gig. It was very interesting to get on stage; we had to go there outside in our gear costumes and just behind the stage was skateboard ramp which we had to climb to get on stage. Haha! :D For a bass player with big belly, its not so easy as you could think.

Anyway, gig was great!

On morning we took a ferry to get UK. Which was nice. We had to remove all our stuff from tour buss because we change our buss to less drafty one, few of us has already shown some symphtoms of a flu...Sucks. Luckily the backstage is "only" in 3rd floor so we didnt have to carry suitcases etc. much higher.

Update coming later, now Im off to get an adapter for my laptop. Cheers mates!! ;)


ps. Mahi is trying to get some photos over here later.

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