on the road again...

02.04.08 Germany, Bremen, TivoliDonnerstag 03.04.2008 03:59 PM

Day started VERY early because we had to get our gear before hitting the air port. In airport nice officer told us that we have 120kg overweight (10¤/kg fee..TOU! You can do the calculation) but of course since we are international rockstars with shit loads of money that didnt bother us...NOT! :D

So situation is; no sleep, no money BUT nothing could get our spirit down.

After two flights with our brothers in arms aka. Moonsorrow, we arrived to Hamburg where other bands/crew and most of all the busses including those sweet beds were waiting.

After few hours of sleep we woke up at venue. Some breakfast. Load in. Soundcheck. Doors open.

Sami and Eki (our sound engineer) also had to try local Döner place. Pretty good food,
Samis rating; 6 1/2 / 10.

Gig was great! We were little bit afraid the stage sound because the venue is pretty high so sound gets pretty blurry, but when people came in it was ok.

Shower. Load out. After party (pretty lame because everyone was so tired since early wake up) but few of us brave warriors stayd up until dawn, which was nice.

And today, journey continues...

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