on the road again...
First encounter with GWAR was very nice, singer came to our bus to welcome us to the tour.

We had to modify our set a bit and it was very fun to play Battle Song after a while. Very small stage (again our backline had to be set in front of GWARs gear) and somehow I hit my mic stand and it fell to front row and I also hit my elbow to cymbal stand. Ouch. And I wasnt even drunk. HAH!

It was obvious that no one from audience had ever even heard of us or our material. But we like challenges. During our spectacular 6 song set we got people to clap their hands and shout traditional folk-beer shouts "Hey Hey..". No one tossed rotten tomatoes/beer bottles to stage so I think we did pretty good show. Petri even got two guys to start MOSHPIT during Ahti!!! And five more people joined it! HAH! THANKS DUDES!

Now its time for a fast "shower" and then I go check out other bands.

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