on the road again...

DAY OFFDonnerstag 23.10.2008 01:20 PM

Brilliant day! We took hotel room for shower and had 2 huge dinners in Dennys (good breakfast!). Eki and Pete went to movies, Emmi went to mall and me and Super-Mahi worked with new material. New song is a KILLER!!!!

We got information that we have only 30 minutes to play in GWAR gigs. HAH! Maybe we play Victory song (10min), Lai Lai Hei (7min), Into Battle (6min) and Old Man (6min)? ;) I think we have played so short set only once (in Helsinki /w Megadeth).

Anyway, it was a perfect day to relax and gain energy for last shows. Its 05.18 and time to go sleep but I cant get this new song ou of my head...maybe I wake up Markus to jam it with me few more times. :D

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