on the road again...
NY rocked! It was very dark venue so from stage you could only see like first ~5 rows.

Our busdriver Sam got us a table in stake place few blocks from the venue (cant remember the name, sorry) and food was ABSOLUTELY perfect!! Huge stake, mashed potatoes with garlic, mushrooms, onions, a desert I had divine cheesecake and good whiskey (Talisker). Damn it was good meal.

We didnt have electricity in the bus because of NY laws so while we waited for our driver to arrive we went to metalbar. Pretty good screwdrivers.

Jaxx, second time here this year. As hot as I remembered and as great audience as I remembered. BRILLIANT!

Amon Amarth crew did some "last gig amusement" during our gig. HAH!
ITs been GREAT tour, Im really gonna miss all these guys.

Thanks to The Abcense, Belphegor, Amon Amarth including their helpful crew and our own irreplaceable Warrior Crew. We salute you all! \m/

So we have day off tomorrow (because we cant make it to the first gig with Gwar) and after that 3 more shows. So tomorrow we have WHOLE day for composing new material. Cool.

Now Im off to hang around with others since its the last night.

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