on the road again...

19.10.08 USA, Philadelphia, PA, TrocaderoMontag 20.10.2008 10:02 AM

Feeling much better! Splendid!

Last night Petri and our sound engineer Eki destroyed few bottles of sortilege and one BIG bottle of vodka so they were little bit tired this morning.

Todays venue was very nice even though the stage was very high and audience was IMO too far way. Still good gig, I really enjoyed my monitor sound but master-Pete had some problems with his own. Hopefully we can afford to get our own monitor guy to next tour.

Only few shows to go. :/
Everything feels so short after 2 month long Paganfest.

So tomorrow NY and its time to hunt some new Chuck Norris t-shirts!

By the way, very good vietnamise restaurant today (sorry cant remember name but it was just around the corner from venue) 8 1/2.

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