on the road again...
After yesterdays show there was a little party. Well, actually BIG one. Unfortenately there wasnt sortilege (or any smoke flavoured whisky) in the bar we went but Johnny Walker´s black label seemed to work ok. But we had our part of sortilege since Pete bought 6 bottles. I think there is still some left. There was an afterparty in AA bus until 06.00 when we started engines and headed to Quebec City.

Wakeup ~12.00. No hangover!! Cool!

Again some technical problems. Mahis wireless transmiter was lost yesterday so we had to "chain" him with a cable. :D Also problems with footswitch´s. (whine whine...)

Gig was sweaty and crowd was brilliant!!! Damn I miss longer gigs.

Oh and the first gig of "GWAR tour"; we cant make it in time there so its another traveday=composing day.

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