on the road again...
We spent yesterday in some malls parkinglot. Nothing worth mentioning happened.

Again border crossing went smoothly, after that it was about 07.00 clock and was time to go to sleep.
We got some good news concerning next album, but since its not 100% sure yet, Im not going to reveal anything. ;)

Presale for tonights show was 1100, so it was really packed. People seemed to enjoy all bands (except Absence who were stuck in the customs and couldnt play today, pity). Pretty hot gig again and Im really having hard time with my new bass because its finish is different than my old 6-string. After few sweaty songs its getting very slippery..equals more than usual wrong notes. :D

Here is link to my new bass:
(its a killer!! really looking forward to use it in studio)

By the way, one of the best caterings on this tour! Yummie! Now, pizza -->

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