on the road again...

12.10.08 USA, St. Paul, MN, Station 4Montag 13.10.2008 04:53 AM

Very early show, 19.00 -->
But its actually good thing that weekday and sunday gigs start earlier, IMO. People can catch last trains etc.

I wasnt homesick but it was still nice to go to "sauna"...gig was insanely hot! One of the best gig on this tour! Savage!! Awesome!! Thank you St. Paul!

Helmut from Belphegor told that there is a shower in the venue, but only cold water. Dont wanna take a risk of getting sick so I wait until tomorrows venue, there suppose to be good showers. Tolerance of being "dirty" really rises on tours. :D

Now, for the first time on this tour; PIZZA!

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