on the road again...

09.10.08 Canada, Calgary, AB, The WarehouseFreitag 10.10.2008 10:14 AM

Me and Markus found extremely good breakfast place called Nellie´s kitchen. Go there if you can!

The stage was as small as people told us yesterday. During the gig I didnt have any room to move for a few times a really was sure that I will fall to front row. Monitor sound was great as well as the audience so technical problems (footswich and snare microphone) and small stage didnt bother at all. Again thanks to our fast and furious crew.

And we will get a shower tonight!!! Even though its a truckstop its still MUCH better than "sink-shower".

So tomorrow its going to be even smaller venue...hopefully stage isnt much smaller or someone has to play in backstage. :D

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