on the road again...

08.10.08 Canada, Edmonton, AB, The Starlite RoomDonnerstag 09.10.2008 08:49 AM

Damn its windy here!

Luckily we found out Tim Horton´s! Good sandwich, soup and a donut warms up even the coldheartest viking. :D

We also heard about this HUGE shopping mall about 8km from the venue where is water park, amusement park, shooting range... Maybe next time we have more time in Edmonton so we can check it out. Johan from AA said its a place worth to visit.

Venues...well not venues but stages keep getting smaller and smaller. Tonight there was literally no room on stage. One could barely turn around to get a drink of water. But again canadian audience kicked ass! Thank you!

AA gave us a bottle of whiskey, so I propably go get myself a night cap and go see a movie.

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