on the road again...

02.10.08 USA, Los Angeles, CA, The AvalonFreitag 03.10.2008 11:07 PM

WE GOT OUR TRAVEL GUITARS!! Gonna add pictures later.

Avalon is very nice venue and stage was big enough (We have to put our back line in front of Amon Amarth´s gear) so there was more room to run around. Gig was great! And one request people; Dont get your self injured in pits and please help if someone falls down.

We thought that we might change the set a bit during the tour. Its gonna be hard since we only got 40minutes each night. Hmmm, how about: Victory song, Lai Lai Hei, Into Battle and one/two random song, thats about it. Heh.

Ok, Im off to jam with Pete and Markus.


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