on the road again...

01.10.08 USA, Anaheim, CA, House Of BluesDonnerstag 02.10.2008 10:52 AM

Today we got our tourbus (we add picture of it also later) and started our journey to the first venue. Me, Pete and Markus are trying to find small "travel" guitars so we can use traveling/spare time for something useful = composing new material. We werent lucky enough to find them today, but hopefully we get them tomorrow.

Venue was very nice and luckily it was a sunny day because we got to build our back line out side. :D

Food was good (special thanks for delicious smashed potatoes).

Gig started and people were moshing and everything seemed to be fine until I noticed that my bass was "dead"... thanks to our extremely fast crew! They did their magic during the first song and bass was back up again.

Gig ended too soon IMO (we are used to do 60-90 min. shows and on this tour we only got 40min.) and people were screaming for one more, but no can do. But we WILL come back! Overall very nice gig!

I took a fast shower and went to see Amon Amarth. \m/ Kick ass!

Later I checked crappy movie (cant remember the name anymore) and now Im off to sleep. Still some jet lag I suppose. Bus seems quiet, so no party today.


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