on the road again...
Hi Folks!

So today we left cold Finland behind for another tour in North America. Line up is VERY good and we are really expecting lot from this tour. Amon Amarth has done lot of work in North America so we are playing bigger venues than in Paganfest and also its very interesting for us for not to be the headliner. Ensiferum has played only headlining-tours since 2005 so its gonna be nice to have little more time after the gig. I think this line-up doesnt leave anyone cold. Its going to be a blast every night!

Wake up call was 05.00, Janne pick me up with taxi an hour later and we head to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. First flight went very fast because I was reading a book about deathmetal/grincore history. We were pretty lucky that we didnt have to wait too long in Frankfurt. I thought that I was smart when I "saved" my sleep to LA-flight. Well, I wasnt. Couldnt get any sleep at all. But thanks to some "refreshments" and nice company from AA (Amon Amarth) over 10 hour flight went smoothly. Special thanks to stuert who let us to pour our own drinks!

We got through customs also very easily (compared to NY) and out side we met our tourmanager and merchendise seller, then we were off to hotel where we met Pete and our guitar tech.

Pete was on tour with Norther in Canada before this tour so he had to hang around in LA for 4 days (lucky bastard!) waiting for us. He introduces to us hotels swimming pool...sweet.

In the evening some went to Rainbow bar in Hollywood but I (since Im a wimp as you might remember, hehe) just got a burger and went to sleep because I had been awake over 24 hours and I really appreciate good night sleep before the tour really starts.

Im in the same room with Markus, and I woke up like 02.00 am to write this and even though I tried to be very quiet while I searched my lap top I woke up Markus (who had arriver from Rainbow some time ago). He told me that they saw Matt Sorum (Guns´n Roses) in Rainbow. Good for them!

Ok, Im off to sleep some more. Its 03.07 now.

Oh and we try to add pictures asap! Pete already got one real "gem". Hehe, you will see. ;)


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