on the road again...

10.05.08 USA, Long Beach, CA, The VaultSonntag 11.05.2008 12:04 PM


When I woke up we were 30 miles from venue and other bus broke down, so everyone (with all their bags) came to our bus. It was pretty full. :D

Some went to see The Beach and some stayed and enjoyed the catering, since it words..SO good! Thank you!

We heard that tomorrows gig might be canceled.. :S

Well lets see that tomorrow.

The Vault is very nice venue! This used to be a bank! Gig was great!!! After the gig we heard that bar was already closed when our gig idea?? Thanks for people who bravely moshed and singed through the gig without anything to drink. Sorry we didnt know that, if we would we would have throw some water for you. Special salute to moshpit guys!


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