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HugFreitag 13.11.2009 10:58 PM

Once I say I love you I think you
would be gone, oh baby~
cause we are too young to love so I can say
little long hold you in my arms

but I will be waiting for you
to say you want me to be with you
I'll live in your love and
your dream forever and ever

whenever you look in my eyes
there are so many smiles and tears
I was born to love feel so deep inside.
if you need me I'll be your man

whenever you look in my eyes,
I do want to show you my love
I make up my mind make your dreams come true.
nobody can stop me to say... I love you.

How can I ask who you're still looking for
I'm the one since love seems to make me blind
I try to find All day long
but I cannot hold

we talk on the phone every night
and so came closer day by day
I touch you and kiss you and hold you
to feel but in dream

in my arms, in my soul
I want to hold you baby
you don't know how much I love you
do you baby

Like a sun rising up,
I can't stop loving you.
can't hold back anymore

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