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Rising SunFreitag 13.11.2009 01:41 PM

Rising Sun

Now. I cry under my skin..
My tears have gone to the skies and made the rain
that falls onto the earth and washes my newly imprinted pain.

No! Forgivness is an endless luxury of mine.
No! My anger has flown off without target and lost its way
No! I pray for atonement with words of attachment
No! Here I go, Come back!

My wings have lost their strength and the days only seem to be filled with sin.
I'm greeted with fragments of my poisonous dreams in the morning. There's no light.

Truth is what everyone wants.
But they only show lies on their faces.
I've been abandoned in eternity, are they looking for me?

Be like me. My heart is filled with a growing Innocence.
Like a flame burning brightly, Like the last radiant sunset
I'm waiting for Rising Sun

Now, burn my eyes, Sun comes up, blowing the fog
Never lies, to be your mind. Got to be a true

Realizing, realizing that my path is 101, I can't reach reality.
So that I won't be shy next to the Sun, I just try to be me, and now

Where's the end to this chaos? Somebody talks... its not the same answer everyday
Is desire the sketch of happiness? Somebody talks... but it's not the solution to the moment.

Life's like star trailing after an endless orbit.
You go looking for questions and solutions, drawing an incomplete picture.
Do you know why?

Time is always passing by and I know that it can't ever come back.
Don't leave regrets day after day... Try to swallow the anger spawn from poision.
Try to believe the worth of happiness that you realize in the tears of your worn out

A kiss on the hand of trials, My innonence has bloomed in the garden of suffering.
There's nothing set in stone because a new day will keep coming.

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