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the best significances of danny:

an amazing guy. a danny can be defined by 5 words; funny, cute, unique, impressive, & huggable. danny's are people you can't help but love. & who could turn down a danny?

"man, did you see that danny?! i'm sooo going home with him tonight!"

an extremely well endowed man who secretly everyone fancies, they are just afraid he will turn them down as he is so handsome. He is also kind and has a great personality.
I'd love to go out with Danny, I'm just too scared to ask.

''I want Danny to be the father of my children!''

the most amazing person/boyfriend a girl could EVER ask for.
You'd be very lucky to ever get a danny, especially a haar. :)
It isn't possible to get a better person.

"I've got a Danny!"
"Omg, really?! I'm SO jealous!"

a smart guy who has the IQ above 130. He receives A's in school but is not a nerd. He is simply perfect and very endowed

''Wow.. He's a Danny. I want to be like him.''

someone with supreme authority. Who sees all and knows all.

''Danny is watching you.''

a name for people with really different but yet lovable personalities.

''My boyfriend is such a danny!''

someone who sleeps in till at least 1pm. Someone who hibernates. A grizzly bear.
When is that Danny gonna wake up?

Of course Danny is still asleep.

''1. Where is he?''
''2. He's being a Danny.''

he most awesome guy there is. he'll listen to everything you can think of to say, teach you to play guitar and get high with you when you feel like shit.
he's a total studdd.

''my life was so confusing until Danny came along.''

a kid who seems smart and nice but deep down is a real physco killer

''That kid is a danny at heart''

a spelling error, typo, or screw up

''Person 1: What the heel?''
''Person 2: Way to make a danny''

''Person: *writing* The dog chased the caat. *out loud* Damn, I made a danny''

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