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DisappointementsMittwoch 31.08.2011 12:08 AM

Maybe one BIG disappointment isn't enough, maybe it's suppose for a person to have a full package of disappointments in friendship. We probably put too much faith in the friends around us, and I suppose that isn't food at all. I know I believe too much! You can probably call me naive, and I probably am, but, I just like too see the best of people and now I realize that is very bad, it's a circle, a vicious one, its like:

trust > disappointment > forgiveness > see the best again > and then PUFF disappointment again

and at a some point you just say to ourself 'I am use to it' , and in that moment you think: 'is that suppose? being used to something that hurts?' No its not!!

I moved on, or at least I am still trying to, because at one point I just said to myself that I needed to stop caring so much for those who don't, and if they wanted to meet me they would say something, so i guess that is not the case. Therefore I prefered to moved on, they disappointed me over and over again, each time hurted more, so i just moved on, cause I realized it was exhausting to fight for something that it's not important to them.

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