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MaterialismSamstag 27.08.2011 12:29 AM

Think back. What are your fondest memories in life?

One of my best was one spring spending at the pool or where ever with my friends. A few other that come to mind are building snow forts with my neighbar, a little-league no-hitter and at least a five month film-project at school. EVEN simply hanging out with my 'brothers', while doing whatever, is one of my best memories in life. Anyway, take a few seconds and think about yours best memories…

If you are like most people the things that came to mind had little to do with stuff and a lot to do with people and experiences. We often go through so much trouble to make money or rack up debt just to get stuff. Are you going to care about that stuff in a few years? Or will you just replace them by new things??

The lesson is.. don’t go into debt for stuff, but go into debt for moments for instance. We’ll remember those!

Never mind, the question still remains “why do we get distracted by stuff?”.

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