Jan, ich liebe dich!!

SpearMittwoch 14.01.2009 02:24 AM

She took out a weapon and shot.

Suddenly there was a scream. "Norma!", called this voice.

Norma was lying there in Adrian's arm and took short and fast breaths.

Adrian cried and looked up to Janet.

She was paralized.

She was only staring into the empty and let fall down the weapon.

Norma tried to speak, but Adrian told her, she had to be quiet, so she wouldn't öpse so much energy.

Norma became tired and started to close her eyes.

Adrian shook her and screamed, that she had to stay awake.

She was bleeding out of her stomach all the time.

She understood that there was no more chance for her.

She held his hand, pulled it to her heart.

Her heart was beating slower and slower.

She began to cry.

"I love you, Adrian!", she told him, before she closed her eyes.

"Please, no! Don't leave me!" , he screamed.

He gave her a kiss without knowing that it was the last kiss he could give her.

Too late.

It was too late, when the ambulances arrived.

He couldn't realize it.

It was like a movie played in slow motion.

Every moment was detailed.

He only watched his dead girlfriend and the medics, who tried to rescue her.


After this day he swore that he would never forget his first true love and began to defend victims of racism.

He became more than his father ever was.

Adrian wasn't Little Spear.

He was Adrian.

by YND (English-Homework)

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