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Sad Love Poem <3Sonntag 14.08.2011 02:46 PM

During sleepless nights ,
I prentend that the past isn't real.
It brings back how I used to feel...
So much sadness in my hopeless life...
Never knew , thongs would change so fast...
You're not here , and I'm alone.
Trying to run away from this pain that has grown...
I feel so empty now that you're gone ...
There's so much crying ; I feel like dying..
This one is for You.
And these words aren't brand new...
Tough it's coming from my Heart.
Thank you for the life you given me.
Thank you for the hope ; I'm finally free..
You'll always be in my mind.
Cross my heart , Hope to die.
I never will forget You!
I can't go on without you!
I hope this wish will be come true...
During sleepless nights and endless dreams...
These words inside my heart..
Stay in there till we're apart..
Feel these tears coming in my eyes..
I try not to cry ; I'll TRY.
This shooting pain in my eyes...
Can't hold it anymore...
You're gone ; You walked AWAY!
Now i'm colder than the ocean breeze!!!
Now you're to far gone..
Please stay with me!
I promised myself i would NOT cry..
But then.. a silent tear falls from my eye..
You're the only place , I can put myself..
No hopes no dreams..
Can fill my tumbling days..
After you're gone!
Day After Day..
And i slowly go insane..
I hear your voice ...
If i see you next to Never...
HOW can we say FOREVER?
Whereever you go..
I'll be right HERE waiting for YOU!
Whatever it takes...
And how my Heart breaks..
I'll be right HERE waiting for YOU!
I hear the laughter..
I taste the tears ..
I wonder how we can survive..
This romance.
But in the end I'm WiTH you!
I'll take the Chance..
I wonder for a moment.
If this is all a dream..
To watch you leaving!
Now you know , i've lost my place on this earth!
Long ago
I was Free!
Where did all the time go?
And i will finally have to let go!
This memory will be in my Heart forever!

I will say goodbye to you...

But not Forever!
Only for now!


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