Fuck the shut up!

|| fOrever ||Donnerstag 11.06.2009 02:57 AM

In the brightest hour of my darkest day
I realized what is wrong with me
Can’t qet Over yOu,
Can’t qet thrOugh tO yOu.
it’s been a heLter-skeLter rOmanCe frOm the start
Take these memOries that are hauntinq me
Of a paper man Cut intO shreds by his Own pair of sCissors
He’LL never fOrqive her…

Sittinq by a fire On a LOneLy niqht
Hanqinq Over frOm anOther qOOd time
With anOther bOy… LittLe dirrty bOy
yOu shOuLd Listen tO this stOry Of a life
yOu’re my herOine – in this mOment I’m LOneLy fuLfiLLinq my darkest dreams
aLL these druqs aLL these bOys
I’m never fOrqivinq this brOken heart Of mine

BeCause days cOme and qO
but my feeLinqs fOr yOu are fOrever

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