Fuck the shut up!

[Kein Thema]Samstag 24.01.2009 01:39 PM

Ii dOn't wanna be the GiirL
whO lauqhs the lOudest
Or the GiirL whO never
wants tO be aLOne
Ii dOn't wanna be that CaLL
at 4 o'cLOCk iin the mOrniinq
'Cause Ii'm the Only One yOu knOw
iin the wOrLd that wOn't be hOme

the sun iis bLiindiinq
Ii stayed up aqaiin
Ii am fiindiinq
That's nOt the way Ii want my stOry tO end

Ii'm safe up hiiqh
nOthiinq can tOuCh me
But why dO I í feel thiis party's Over?
nO paiin iinsiide
yOu're my prOteCtiiOn
hOw dO Ii feel thiis qood sOber?

Ii dOn't wanna be the qiirL
whO has tO fiLL the siiLence
the quiiet sCares me
Cause iit sCreams the truth
pLease dOn't teLL me that
We had that cOnversatiiOn
Ii wOn't remember, save yOur breath
'Cause what's the use?

the niiqht is caLLiinq
and iit whiispers to me sOftLy,
''Come and pLay''
Ii am faLLiinq
and iif Ii let myseLf qO
Ii'm the OnLy One tO bLame

Ii'm cOmiinq dOwn
spiinniinq 'rOund
LOOkiinq fOr myseLf, sOber

When iit's qOOd, then iit's qOOd
iit's sO qOOD tiiLL iit qOes bad
tiiLL yOu're tryiinq tO fiind
the yOu that yOu Once had
Ii have heard myseLf Cry, ''never aqaiin''
brOken dOwn iin aqony
just tryiinq tO fiind a friiend

yOu're Liike perfeCtiiOn
hOw dO Ii feeL thiis qOOd sOber?

wiiLL Ii ever feel thiis qOOd sOber?
teLL me, no paiin

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