Fuck the shut up!

[Kein Thema]Mittwoch 05.11.2008 10:13 PM

I COuldn't tell yOu why I felt that way,
I felt iit everyday.
But yOu COuldn't help me
yOu just watChed me make the same miistakes aqaiin.

What's wrOnq nOw?
tOO many prOblemz.
dOn't knOw where I belOnq

I want tO qO hOme, but nObOdy's hOme.
It's where I liiez, brOken iiniside.
There'z nO plaCe to qO
tO dry my eyez.
BrOken iinsiide.

Open yOur eyes & lOOk oOutsiide, fiind the reasonz why.
I've been rejeCted, & nOw I Can't fiind what I've left behiind.
be strOng nOw.

My feeliinqz I hiidez.
My dreamz I Can't fiind.
I losiinq my miind.
I'm fallen behiind.
I Can't fiind my plaCe.
I losiinq my faiith.
I'm fallen frOm qraCe.
I'm all Over the plaCe yeah

I'm lOst iinsiide

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