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..Freitag 11.03.2011 12:20 AM

''You just forget about it ,you must forget about her ''
They keep on telling me, but I don't wanna hear .
My life is going under without you, nothing matters .
The best part of me, has just disappeared .
I knew it was true the first time I saw you
Why do you think I do all the things I do?
It took one day or two, to say I love you !
No matter what's just going , you mean the world to me. Whatever happens.
You know, that we were happy -Why go, to be unhappy ?
We never really tried, to make everything alright .
You have a thousand questions .I will find thousand reasons
Why you should be with me and never say goodbye ..
Now I know that I never should've let you go.
I swolled my pride and I admit that I didn't always treat you right let me show, that we can be better enough than before .
Give it some time, you'll find that it's worth the fight ,but three little words, we've heard a million times .
I've told you so many times but we don't know how ,but three little words, can change your life .
You came and you changed my life.

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