>> Tell Me What You Know About These Hard Times .. Walking In The Rain <<
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Tried to reconcile my ways, make some brave changes
Prayed for days graces, forgave mistakes and who made it
Truth in games who played it, laid clues with two maidens
They been forsaken, left a mess surreal and ancient
Never been complacent, stepped with demons in basements
When I look at the kids faces I don't even know there ages
Was it worth it to taste it, so inexpensive and basic
Minds black and jaded, still locked in a stasis
Executed rages, tryin' to bend bars in places
Afraid to be nameless, while tryin' to remain faceless
I've staked and remained aimless, depths I seem to wallow
Lookin' for steps behind me, but no ones keen to follow
Grippeds soul sorrow pages of bibles tell me I'm hallow
Its hard to live for today, when I might not see tomorrow

Und noch einer :

I leave the lights on when I sleep to hide the darkness
And write my name across the wall with blood, sweat and garbage
I got more faults than a watch from the back street markets
The only time I work right is when I’m stalking targets
These are my punch lines and you know I treasure them
Got them worshiping my skills like a baby in Bethlehem
I’ll turn your garden to flames like your name was Moses
Then say something so cold your ear drums are frozen
Raising you to the sky then dropping you down
I’m the bad kid gone worse with no parents around
My name is Nowhere just like El Dorado
And the walls are closing in this living hell that I know
My words mould the horizon then awake the dead
Got you giving birth to demons like in Eraserhead
Forget about chips I go all in and bet my life
Then proceed to turn you to ash like Wesley Snipes

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