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Collision Course // another new one :)Mittwoch 30.03.2011 10:52 PM

Collison Course

I was on a collison course no remorse for this chosen one
Hard times follow some but now I'm like tha golden son
Can't seem to let go I'm holdin some ownin'em
Cards dealt and played showin'em foldin'em
You could never walk in my shoes you don't see
You could never live my life you ain't me
Smoke circles tha room exhale from tha lungs
Lookin' at tha past flashbacks with tha blunts
Tails with death trails derailled this fairytale
Bodybags smell they fell this is hell
Streetlife conquered so many I rise above
Eye tears drops down washed away tha mud
Bloodstains curtains for ceartin you know I'm workin'
Lost all purpose cuz these curses keep me hurtin'
Murkin' through tha worst scripts flipped many pages
Above all stages erase faces and bent cages
Stayed to be tha bravest but in tha end I'm just faceless
Lost in tha graces of hell and now I'm ageless
Pacin' through tha mazes direction still aimless
Starin' in tha faces of tha dude who remains nameless
Now those who claim sets lay back and just spray vets
Only chose to raise death hollow thoughts on gravesteps
Lookin' tired as I blaze wet eyes dropped as days slept
Conquerin' souls but those know I chose to play death

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