>> Tell Me What You Know About These Hard Times .. Walking In The Rain <<

Emotion .. :)Donnerstag 17.03.2011 06:36 PM

My earliest memory of you was in the ocean tides
The current pulled me under the water up above my eyes
I was a little guy, just a little shy, my younger daysLookin' at you and it makes me wander the beach just like you; phase it
Last the song: you was the strongest person that I knew
Growing up thinking I was stunted every time I grew
You put a red notch on the doorway in the laundry room
Making you proud was the main achievement I pursued
And when I quit and threw in the towel, man it ripped me up
To see the look on your face when you came to class to pick me up
Now I see you just wanted me to follow through
A lesson in life that's more important than to follow you
I remember that time in life: that warehouse, you were workin' nights
Two men came in to rob the place and almost took your life
You showed them pictures of your son and daughter: "Let me live"
The cry you must've gave while staring down a 12-guage
And for a moment in time they put you in a birdcage
And for that moment in time you didn't have a word to say
Playing catch with you in the backyard were the funner times
Runnin' around the baseball diamond were the funnest times
And I remember the word "divorce" scorched my corpse for remorse
Where the fighting in the hallway and the slamming door now I'm seeing you
on the weekend forever for, but that's the score
Now that's a common day occurrence, in the United States
The love was lost, but now it's found again for you to stay
And now you're working every day to get that mortgage paid
Blue collar to the bone
Spend your days away from home
Wish today would be the one
Twist a greater beamin' sun
Make my way and be your son
Pay your way until your done
That's a goal in life, for real
I want you, Dad, to know the deal
Workin' ya fingers to the bone
Just to spend a night at home
And no, I don't regret the way
Our relationship has played across the board and on the stage
That's how you love every time I spray my words across the USA
And who's to say: This is the right way
To love the people you love the way you love 'em
Fuck the money
In a funny situation
In the past
Father and son's love last
You helped me be who I am today
You live inside of this man, I pray
That I could make you understand that I love you, all the way
All the way
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hab ganz schön lang dafür gebraucht xD .. naja eig wurde die arbeit geteilt .. einer vom BTNHBOARD ( Altruist ) und icke :P .. hat ca 2 tage gedauert ^^

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