>> Tell Me What You Know About These Hard Times .. Walking In The Rain <<

palim palim palim :PFreitag 11.03.2011 01:15 PM

Actually I´m surrounded by selfish people
the ones who alway thinkin about themselves
and dont even know the definition of ´´equal´´
yeah right, you´re opinions are so meanful
sayin you wanna live in a world,
which is more peaceful
but still talking bad about other people
like, oh this guy , he´s not so smart,
he´s not so tuff
I think ya better recognize,
we livin in a world which is already fucked up,
you know living is complicated
i hope but doubt all these haters gonna get faded
it´s like i´m lost in the world
lost in this whole dimension
you cant see all the problems that i´m facin .....

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