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This World Is Such A Fucked Up Place !!!Donnerstag 03.03.2011 06:07 PM

This world's such a fucked up place,
My mind's in such a fucked up shape
Everything down here sucks,
Maybe what's up there is great,
We all gotta go one day,
I just wanna cut to the chase,
I wanna stop these nightmares,
I just wanna touch your face,
All you see is all my feats,
All I see is all my flaws,
All I can hear is all my demons,
Even through your applause,
All you see is all my flights,
All I see is all my falls,
All you see is all my rights,
All I see is all my wrongs,
Go on keep telling me to fight,Tellin me to put a bullet inside my head,
Damn put it up right next to my jaw,
Don't keep tellin me to find a reason,
Anything to keep me from squeezing...

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