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Life without you!Freitag 04.06.2010 04:49 PM

Didn't want to say goodbye
Didn't want to cry
And look what I’ve done

Do you know how I need to hear you?
Hear you so softly, hear you say anything?
Every single tear I shared
well it kills me

This is life without you
I'm learning how to miss you
I guess I need to know, how it feels like
This is life without you
I don't know who to turn to
And everything I know, says goodbye

Didn't want to make a mess
Didn't want to feel again
This heart has had enough
Desperate in all along
Called the house that isn't home
Afraid to pick it up

All I want is him, to tell me I'm crazy
it just might save me
Oh all I need is him right here beside me

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