Quantum Flux

Whats the matter Sassi?Mittwoch 21.04.2010 04:16 PM

Retardet and mentally defectet
these are the words that i throw in your face
once friend now a traitor to our all hearts
lies run down your lips
like an vampire you bit in our necks
confidence turns black into an silent decay

hey whats the matter sassi?
we will shoot up you heart with an silver bullet
i guess an more honorable discharge then to jump down a fuckin bridge
into an river to drown your sorow (Oh)

we are breathless
we are breathless
because of your lies
we are breathless
because we hunt you by day and night

lips turn blue because your’e so cold
teas turn red
revenge we hate you forever
your tries to dissapear are failed
we want your tribute
of blood and tears

Written by: Carstisaurus_
Source : FaNaTiCM00nCalF
Special Thanks to : mackz

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