Quantum Flux

<3Freitag 25.09.2009 08:45 PM

you sit next to me
and take a look in my face
again and again
your words like sadative
your touch like drugs to me
you are my hero
even on the darkest days

hopes die last
but they die
when you not take that boring ship
longer and for always with me
then its finished here for me
shall we die tonight
or should we take that ship
our ship?

Call me early!
Call me earlyer!
Its time for virtualoties

to be prepared
you want to achieve my heart
but you cannot squeeze blood out of a stone
It cannot be too strongly emphasize that first aid can save life
so please someone help
me with my life

hopes die last
but they die
i leave this burning ship
with you even this ship was colourful
but without you is everthing black and white
and if we die tonight

at least i am not alone

written by Carsten&Liss

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