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Hello everybody!Donnerstag 24.07.2008 04:49 PM

Here is some information about me!

Name: Irmeli Pulkkinen

Age: 19 years

Country: Finland

Hobbys: Reading, drawing, playing with my cat, horseriding, having fun with friends =)

Favourite colour: Rainbow

Favourite band: Hanson<3<3<3

Favourite song: mmbop- Hanson

Favourite actor: David Hasselhoff

Favourite movie: High school musical! <3

Favourite cartoon: Sponge bob

Favourite food: Meatballs

Favourite animal: Bunnys!!!

Best friend: Maria (heppatyttö95)

Favourite clothing: my dancing bears t-shirt

Dream man: A bit like hasselhoff, curly hair, muscular, glasses, nice colourful clothes, loves horses and bunnys, can cook, likes hanson and high school musical, isn't allergig to cats, and so on..

Ok. Thats all I know so far. Good luck to everyone! And HAVE A NICE DAY! =)))

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