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Englisch-Hausaufgabe vom 28-05-2008
jojo, 10. klasse englisch bei der hornig xD
ps: alle rechtschreibfehler bzw. grammatik- und zeitfehler inklusive xD muss ja original-getreu sein!!

Keep the distance!

Mike was a little eight-year-old boy. He was nice, friendly, clever, optimistic and he had a dream. He wanted to become a psychiatrist for help people, who had serious problems. But he didn't know, that a day would come, where he would ask for help.

It was a day like every day. The only difference was, that it was his 9th birthday. He woke up in the morning and he was very happy. Of course, it was his birthday. Mike's parents came into his room and gave him congratulations. They tell him, that he would get his present in the afternoon. "That would be a fantastic day", thought Mike. He gave his parents a kiss and went to school. He had a lot of friends, because he was a nice guy. These friends congratulated him and gave him some little presents. Mike was happy, because his friends didn't forget him. He was content about the morning, but impatient, because he didn't know, what could be the present, that he would get by his parents.

After school Mike went home with hopes. What could he get? A new bike? A trip to his grandparents? Now there was the finally moments. He stood in front of the entrance of his home and took out the keys for the door. He went in and went to the kitchen, where his parents were waiting with a big cake. He was happy about the cake and aet it with his parents.

His father told him, that his present would be in the bedroom from them. Mike went to the bedroom, opened the door and there was... nothing! He looked for his present in this room. During that his father came into the room and closed the door. Mike's father told him, that, if he would do all that he said, he would get his present. Mike had to sit on the bed and wait. His father closed the curtain and tuned of the light. Mike wasn't able to see something. The father sat next to Mike and touched him on parts of his body. Mike didn't know, what his father expected by him - he was only nine. Mike's father did things, that he should not do. Mike tried to run away, but his father grabbed him by the arm and threw him back on the bed. Mike screamed for help, but his mother didn't come. He only heard she criing behind the door outside of the bedroom.

After an hour his father stopped, because he got, what he wanted by Mike. Mike criied all the day and he was ashamed. He could not believe, that his father did this. But he early had to understand, that that would not be the first and the last time. In the begining his father did it one time in the week. But then he continued to do it every day until Mike's 16th birthday.

Mike became another person. He spoke with noone; he was mental distroied. Sometimes he triied to suicid. He triied to cut in his artery, but his mother found him in the moment, when he had the razor blade in his hands. For his 16th birthday he planed to run away. He didn't feel in grade to life in this house with his father.

In the night he packed all his things and went to his grandparents by train. That was the first time after 7 years, that he felt safe. When he arrived in the town of his grandparents, he went to their house and knocked at the door. His grandparents could not trust their eyes. Teir grandson was closed in black clothes and had a shocked face. He told them everything, that happened and they were shocked. They wanted to call the police, but Mike said, that he would not tell the police, what happend. They admitted him into their house and teated him like their own son. The sent him to a psychiatrist; so he could get help to work with this bad experience. He went there until he became 23 years old.

How he had to do one last step. He had to go to his father and tell him, what he thinks. Easier to say as to do. He had to fight with his emotions and with the fear about his father. In the end he went back to his parents. His mother began to cry, because she was happy to see him again. His father was there, too. When he triied to hug him, Mike coldly said: "Keep the distance!" He told him, what he had to suffer all his life since his 9th birthday. Mike didn't imagined it, but it was really helpful to tell him, what he thinks. His father began to cry, but Mike wasn't interested in his tears. It was time to say goodbye. Mike hugged his mother, gave her a kiss and a letter with information about his living place. He went back to his grandparents and told them about the day.

He went still one year to the psychiatrist until he was mental healthy. He began to speak with other people and to laugh. Now he tried to realize his childdream. He tried to become a psychiatrist.

by YND

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