Norbert erklärt die Welt

The mealMittwoch 17.03.2010 10:13 PM

Im sitting in my room
hope I get meal soon
hour and hour running by
I will not hope the food is shy

I want chicken and fish
for my dinner tish
some cows an cakes
the cows as steakes
vegetables and fruits
also in lovely sugar suits

I can´t wait anymore
I run fast in the floor
faster trough the door
And when i´m looking in the kitchen
I thought the channel must have switchen


There where thechickens and the cows
and maybe any crowds
and in a pot since very large
swim the pieces of the cook
since very small!
the animals and I
look in each other eyes
the to the cook insode the pot
in my mind I made a shot
I ask my soul for guidance
but it where not there
so I don´t care

I want my meal
I want it now
Don´t wanna chicken!
don´t wanna cow!
I just want meat!
I just want meat!

If animals where not there
I take from the cook a share
A share from the cook
give me a share from the cook
give me a share
please give me a share

Last but not least I become my meal
I made with the animals a great deal
We ate the cook and we don´t care
because food is everywhere

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