Norbert erklärt die Welt

The othersideSamstag 22.08.2009 01:29 PM

mal wieder n neuer song den ich mir vor wenigen Minuten aus den Fingern gezogen habe

The otherside

I walk down the street
I walk alone
No persons to meet
there is no one

I drive in my car
I drive to fast
the limit so far
there in the past

Tell me wrong and tell me right
touched me to the otherside
Im bad wanna fight
I traveled to the otherside
Im playing seek and hide
there in the otherside
when Im there I buy a guide
not to get lost in the otherside

I have to hurry up
carry off dont break my leg
when you dont have enough money
then use a check
On this place no one was there
before we did


all my problems would be solved
all my wounds be healed
I dont must move with my feet
I have my own trail
or an aeroplane to fly
no one will
hurts you there
but you must pay the price
so thats fair
for a prosperous life you have to give up your own
but then you are alone

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