Norbert erklärt die Welt

DreamlandMontag 27.07.2009 02:02 AM

pünktlich zu meinen gebi und frisch fertig ein neuer Song von mir:


Call me baby when the sun is dead
No more rules i had to read
This is the season,
where we dont need reasons
Yeah thats the feeling to be free

We going outside,
to taking a long ride
To the places we want to go
we dont care of everything,
cause all we need is one thing
the feeling we have

All our friends,
who playing in bands
stay behind us and cry
Yeah thats the feeling right now

We traveled all over the world
All the bad dreams are sold
All the wrong feelings are gone
The life that we wish had began

no we dont stop now
no we dont stop now
thats the life we want

yeah we go faster
yeah we go faster
we dont want to stop

This dream is not already over
We are fighting like a soldier
So let us pretend,
that is our dreamland

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