Norbert erklärt die Welt

Song4Mittwoch 08.07.2009 12:16 AM

Ein song zu ehren des Valentinstages denn da hat ja wohl jeder gute laune:D


I wake up and feel alright
cause every bad thing is gone tonight
I walk down the street and greets somebody
I want say hello to everybody

Everything is right on this day
No one fights and everybody crys hurray
every bird sing clear an loud
and on the horizon is nowhere a cloud

I wanna meet you on this day
The roses in my hands looks ok
In my left pocket is a valentinscard
My clothes looks very smart

Here I am youre golden knight
I want help you to feel alright
We go to the city to have some fun
and in the evening we looks at the rising sun

I wanna sing hurray the complete day
cause eveythings ok on this valentinsday

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