Norbert erklärt die Welt

Song2Mittwoch 08.07.2009 12:07 AM

noch ein weiterer Song:

Feel like a rollercoaster

With you came came the ticket of an heart attack drive
I know it would be the time of my life
Now Im counting the seconds there were five

So little time is gone
there is nothing that I belong
am I wrong?

It get up and down again and again
next to to me sits my friend Stan
we buckle up and go faster
this time I feel like a rollercoaster

I cant get out
I feel like a rollercoaster
I cant go back
I feel like a rollercoaster
All things were loud
I feel like a Rollercoaster
heavy weights on my neck
I feel like a rollercoaster
this time
I cant get out and the ride goes on

the world pass me
under me the deep blue sea
and I ask myself
when we meet someone else
but the voices in my head
just tell me that Im to fat

In front of me one loop after the next
It seems to me that they have sex
behind me collapses the rail
but in front of me is still a long trail

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