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allererster songMittwoch 08.07.2009 12:04 AM

so das is der allerster song der meine feder bzw. meinen füller verlassen hat:

Drive away

I ask you what you feel about
this moments in silence.
You answer me that you don´t know
but thats better than violence

We sit here in this small room
in front of each other,- face to face.
I want talk with you
but you just faint.

Is this all what you can
to run away?
So take your things
and turn your back off, my way.

Last week I saw you with another guy
and I´m afraid, my best friend.
I tell you and you said
this is the end

I was frustraded
my life was senseless
so I went to the highway
to make a end

you came to me with a smile on your face
after the x-ray
I lay there without grace
I said:“drive away“

A life without you
is a life in pain.
So I sit many weeks in my apartment
to make a plan

I meet you in the morning
by your new boy friend.
We go in an coffeeshop
to make new friends

By our excursion in the middle of the sea
I take the knife.
I say good by sweetie
and make an end of your life

This is the way I say
drive away

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