Braun gebrannt zurueck aus Mexico <3

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Wenn wir Glück haben, verstehen wir einmal in unserem Leben, dass es nicht immer um diesen oder jenen Traum geht. Es geht darum, überhaupt zu träumen.
-Grey's Anatomy
Aℓℓe Träume können wahr werden, wenn wir den Mut haben, ihnen zu foℓgen (:

I couln never hurt you like you hurt me sometimes. I'ts scary to think that one day, all this eventually will end. I don't think you're realizeing how happy you made me. But let me know you: I'll never give a Fuck on you, you're the person who always gives some little fucks 'bout me, when I'm alone. There's gonna be everyday the one Person, you are going to, I'm alone, maybe I'll cry, but you do't care! You gave a fuck on me in week before holiday. I was the person who came to you, if you weren't cared enough, I was that person if somebody dosen't had time to meet you. I was there when you've cried while iceskating. I was there. Thats your thank? Babe, I just want you to sometimes chaugh me in your arms and let me cry there. it's like a toilette with some shit in, what I feel now. I feel sorry and I feel exploid. I feel like if I'll tell you, that you are hurting me the same, as even more, you will freak out and let me over. That is it like. Don't be sorry, I think I will come close to somebody else sometime. But who? Du hast doch schon die Person, die ich auch über alles liebe im Besitz, wen soll ich lieben bitte? Aber wenn ich sag was in mir vorgeht, sagt niemand was dazu. Fuck god, please let her accept, that not everyday and everytime she is the most central thing in my life, that she isn't the person who was hurt. I am hurt too. Sometimes. Maybe everyday. Everyday. Thanks. Please don't leave me-

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