i love my girlfriend.

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LOVE LOVE LOVE <3 Mittwoch 22.08.2007 02:37 PM

her name is melis. she's 14 and from germany.
she's one of the most attractiv persons I've ever met.
she's wonderful and amazing.
her eyes, her face, especialy her lips <3
she's true perfection.
be jealous cause I know some one love her.
I love her from head to fet.
she's the most important girl in my life.
dont steal her pics or talk shit about her, cause ill break your head!
you think she's a fake?
no, she's real!
and yes, she's the queen of my heart !

Ich liebe sie überalles

Melis & me 4-ever ^^

Bangbang____xX ; P4in
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