Pretending HappinessMittwoch 21.04.2010 12:39 AM

Nothing seems like it is but--
But you don't give a shit
You hear me now? I talk to you
I quit this shit, I quit this bitch
Good face, bad face
Good taste, bad taste
I'm just trying to--
Hood place, hood face

Spit Spit a better rhythm
But you're so cold me no other shit
One on one or to be true
There's nothing like a better day
Look-- look up and what I am
And you look for another man
Nothing more, nothing less
Girl, I'll pretend you happiness

Cheating me once, playing me twice
But I'm strong, I pretend you happiness
Hurting my heart, wrecking me up
For so long, I pretend you happiness

Everything's wrong in your head, in your heart
And I quit now from pretending happiness
I don't want to fake this love anymore
And pretend you happiness

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