Ist es nicht Komisch das Leben rückwärts Nebel heißt?!|alles perfekt:)TRAUMMANN:")

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First it was love, then no more! I did not lie to him and have closure made. I also knew that I did so much but wanted him to lie, I violated not stop. We have agreed that we remain friends if I want to come back to him, then I want the tuhn if not then not! I thought we always together, he was too thin and when I had closure was made, said a friend to me, 'You? Has? Tobi 4 kilo because of you and wants to be taken even longer to grow for you! " I was already hard! but I had not really more feelings for him! My sis was also some time or with a buddy of Tobi Tobi but that has also been broken because I no longer cooperate with him! At some point, then began to insult me tobi and I could no longer speak with him, it got worse and worse ...! Then our riding club swim with us ... suddenly drove into waterpark Celler said my buddy to me Tobi is here so I no that is not good I've seen him too often ... Later! He was with 2 other too ....! couple days later he wrote to me on icq some such schwachsinn because of that he knows my friend and that will not last long and he began to insult me as a whore and something else! some point he said he knew I am sonntag in celle, and it would be NO random was that I was there! I thought hÄ? Like no random?? Then he said: "I HAVE SINCE MY AUFTRAGSKILLER TO SET YOU !!!!" I was speechless! he would go so far ???!!! I would have never heard of him thought! said AUFTRAGSKILLER !!!???? ohh god he is now seriously? then he had me another ied geschikt I only know because he sings the cuts you on your skull and skin on it with a hammer or so ..! the fully disabled was the song ...! couple of days later I wanted to go to school because Tobi was standing at the station I had passed him at once he said to me, pat a child because I thought that you are, "he dannmeinte come here I thought you still come! then he came and geschuppst me and then another has kept him back, I do not know what he would otherwise have done but all my friends standing on my side! thank you my friends! You are the best! He said also that he makes me ready, he wants to bring me into the slaps!, And he kills me or kill me makes! I thank you that for me HELP! my friends! THANKS! <3ihR are the best you got soo love <3 Mahl see how it goes!

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