die einzig wahr3 =) x³

<3Mittwoch 26.12.2007 02:23 AM

where 2 beqin?!
You tell me 2 stop everythinq.
You tell me not 2 be what I am.
But do you know anythinq?!
Do you ask me~WHY~ I do thinqs the way I do?
Do you ask me to be what I once was?
No, you don't...
You tell me I didn't chanqe the way you thouqht.
But what did you demand of me...?
I tried everythinq 2 qet you back... and I'll try and try and try...
'cuz that's what I wish more than everythinq on earth...
All my prayers, all my ~tears~ I cried 4 that haven't found an answer by God.
By nothinq.
It's a freezinq dessert
And I have to cover the same way every day...
BuT I won't qive up..
I won't lose my faith.
And faith can move a mountain, faith is what keeps me alive.
I wouldn't 4get you...
Not for the life of me!
I couldn't missunderstand the meaninq of ~LOVE~, could I!?
Tell me...
It's sow hard 2 have ~you~ in my mind
but It would be qreat many worse if I hadn't.
I'll try 2 forqet... But I don't know if I'll qet by..
We'll might find our place in this world some day..

...Nothinq is worth more than the words "I miss you" in a time called 'too late'... [%u2665]

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