die einzig wahr3 =) x³

<3Samstag 14.04.2007 05:29 PM

Once more I say goodbye to you
I thought, holding your hand was never-ending.
I thought >we< meant forever....
Endless. Till eternaty...

You were my place to hide.
where shall I find this love and cordiality now?
I always knew where to take flight...
where to crie...
where to smile...
where to let my mind wander...
what happend to that?
I didn't count your blessings...
I mistreated you
I didn't listened to you
and so I didn't realize that I was losing the place in your heart...
I didn't want to disavow this situation.
Today I know it's too late
but today of all days I think of you...
I don't dread to think what you say about me.
What you think about me...
I'm sorry I offended your sensibilities.
I'm sorry I took away everything what meant something to you.
I'm sorry the way I behaved.
I'm sorry I destroyed everything...
I'll catch up on everything!
I'll give you the love you missed!
I'll change all these things you hate...
I'll bear the pain!
I know times have changed.
It lacerates my heart.
Was it worthwile?
There's one thing you need to be told

I still need you.

I still set my heart on you.

You are still all the world to me.

and... are still close to my heart... <3

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