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Still No SurrenderDienstag 26.09.2006 10:14 PM

Lied des Tages : Bone Thugs N Harmony - Still No Surrender

-Krayzie Bone- Chorus:
Mr. law protector, me dont respect ya,
Ya took too many innocent lives (innocent lives, still no surrender).
Somethin' familiar, licence ta kill ya,
Seems we beat the rep everytime (me everytime, still no pretender)... x2

-Layzie Bone-
Crooked officer, (fuck the police),
You wanna come get me, but ima keep runnin' cause prison aint for me,
Ya know me no surrender....
Break you off, fo sho', you better off dead, cause we in a cell'll never prevail,
Ya know me no pretender ...
Been runnin' and duckin, invadin' the law....since I can remember
Tryna get paid, sellin' my yay, from january to december,
In a (?) through the blizzard, on a porch when its scorchin',
Only fuck with familiar, when im stackin' my fortune.


-Wish Bone-
So trust the police police down here,
Get killed fuckin' the with police,
no love, no trust, no respect for us,
And we will not surrender to the police
nah, they do us raw.
Pull us over, kill us in cars
Lyin' witness, they aint shootin niggas up, leavin' familys starved,
Nigga fuck the police, they get behind me,
Then fuck the police, I got, what they need, im legal
Dont give them the reason just to fuck with you,
They hate when they cant touch you, and never ever give info to 'em.


-Krayzie Bone-
We got some issues with the po-po, they keep on killin' us,
Why aint nobody seein' this, I dont know.
Even niggas are the victim of the street,
The black cawps, black cawps, black cawp, black cawp.
Just like every other day the popo kill a man,
UNjustice, but trust me, dont nobody give a damn,
So what cha ganna do when they try to do you?
Would you, pop, pop, pop, pop...pop, or let them shoot you?.

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