in time i found myself in happiness with you ♥

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BAD B0YS x3Donnerstag 18.02.2010 11:56 AM

Some people call them players
But I'm far from terrified
Cos somehow I'm drawn to danger
And have been all of my life
It feels my heart's divided
Half way 'tween wrong and right
I know I'm playing with fire
But I don't know why
Yeah the bad boys are always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
I said the bad boys are always spinning my mind
(Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Even though I know they're no good for me xD
It's the risk I take for the chemistry
With the bad boys always catching my eye
(Ooh Way, Ooh Way, Ooh Wah)
Oooooh, bad boys

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